Moving can be stressful for anyone, especially if it’s your first time and you aren’t sure what to expect.

Whether you’re signing a lease or closing a deal, having a place to call your own gives you the freedom to decorate your space to reflect your personality. What can be more exciting than that?!

Although you’re taking your whole life and putting it into a box, moving doesn’t need to be a huge source of stress. To make your move a success, you need to be aware of all the challenges you may encounter and have effective solutions for problems that may arise.

We’re here to help you with our top tips for moving into a new apartment.

Save the Right Amount for Your Move

When moving to a new apartment, you need to make sure you feel comfortable with your decision.

Most of the time, there are certain costs you don’t account for and your move will end up costing you more than expected. It’s best to have enough money saved up to pay your moving costs, first three months’ rent, security deposits, and your living expenses for the next couple of months.

To avoid getting caught unawares, ask your landlord if there are other additional costs you need to pay such as parking and storage fees.

Review Your Lease Agreement

While it may be tempting to flip over to the last page of your lease and sign your name, it’s crucial to read over your agreement.

This document contains important information and by not reading it, you put yourself at risk of violating your lease and losing your security deposit. Pay close attention to the procedure of rent payment, guest and pet policies, and availability of storage space.

Transfer Your Utilities

If you’re unsure which utilities are covered by your landlord, consult your lease agreement.

While it’s common for landlords to cover water, you’ll still need to set up gas, electricity, internet, and cable. Be sure to schedule installation appointments ahead of time so that you’re not left without wifi at your new apartment.

Pack Effectively

The best way to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything when packing is to make a list.

From bed sheets and towels to kitchen utensils, write down everything you want to take to your new apartment and even make a digital copy so you have access to the list at all times.

Once you know what you’ll have enough space for, it’s time to decide what will be packed and what will be donated or thrown away. Go through everything you own and set aside everything you won’t be able to use or have no need for anymore.

Ready to Start a New Chapter?

There’s nothing better than sitting in your new kitchen or living room for the first time and realizing that you finally have a space all to yourself.

The process of signing a lease and packing up your belongings can be an overwhelming one but the tips provided in this guide will make things go much smoother. Our friendly team at Paramount Properties is dedicated to prioritizing your comfort and safety. We work hard to ensure that your new space is clean and ready for you to move into.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help.