Preparing yourself for school is typically a dreadful experience – especially if you lack a designated study space and adequate organization habits! Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case for this school year! As Ottawa’s #1 rental agency, we’re very familiar with all the tricks people use to make the most of their space.

So, break out your files, folders, and dustpans, and get ready to create the ultimate apartment study space with these student apartment tips!

3 Desk Organization Tips 


While it’s important to keep your apartment space clean, it’s even more important to keep the desktop clean as it’s where you’ll be spending most of your time. Here are three home office organization tips to make sure your desk is looking as good as the view from your Ottawa apartment!

Keep Frequently Used Items Close to Your Dominant Hand

If you’re often reaching for a calculator or the phone, you might benefit from moving these things to the side of the desk your dominant hand rests. It may seem inconsequential, but awkwardly reaching over with your off-hand will easily disrupt workflow. 

Only Keep What’s Necessary on the Desk

This may seem obvious, but it must be said. Keeping only must-have items on your desk is critical to organization and focus – especially for students in a studio or 1-bedroom apartment that might not have another large surface to move to.

Categorize & Store Similar Items Together

Scrambling to find the laptop charger that you swear you saw yesterday? Save time you would otherwise waste looking for things by organizing your items by similarity and keeping them in drawers/containers/bins. For instance, you can place laptop chargers, adapters, external drives, etc in a bin to free up space in your home office and save time for studying.

Creating a Study Space in a Studio

Ottawa Student Apartments

Is your study space a drawerless desk in a window-less corner with a stack of papers on it and hardly enough space for your laptop and peripherals? That can easily be changed by following a couple of study space apartment tips! 

You can free up a shocking amount of space with stick-on/adhesive shelves. These convenient space-savers are attached to the wall by very tough adhesive materials so you don’t need to worry about drilling into the wall and risk damaging your apartment’s home office. These convenient areas are the perfect places to store your books, excess papers, and a source of light!

Speaking of light, a well-lit room is critical to improving your creativity and focus. It’s imperative that you locate your apartment’s study space next to a window and place a warm-coloured lamp on your new stick-on shelf or a floor lamp next to your desk. Try to avoid placing your lamp on the desk it takes up too much space.

Consider putting up a room divider if your apartment study space is in a shared area. Having privacy will keep you engaged in your work and free from distractions. Apartment rentals in Ottawa typically have enough space to avoid this step, but it’s always handy to remember if you find yourself in a shared-space situation.

Student-Ready Apartment Rentals in Ottawa

Every student needs their space – that includes you! Contact Ottawa Apartment if you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality, and study-ready apartment rental in Ottawa. We offer rentals within the distance of every post-secondary institution in Ottawa and we’d love to have you as our next tenant!