After a long, tiring day retreating into your bedroom to rest and recharge sounds like a dream.

A bedroom is primarily meant to be a place of rest, and you don’t have to do much to create a beautiful, relaxing space.

It’s so easy to be charmed by modern and luxurious design ideas that the purpose of a bedroom gets lost between trying to fit a small office or king-sized bed in a room that doesn’t have nearly enough square footage.

Arranging a small bedroom isn’t easy, but there are plenty of simple design tricks to make your small haven feel bigger and more organized. Below are innovative ways to fit more storage in your tiny bedroom without making it feel too cramped.

Add Storage Underneath Your Bed

Instead of collecting dust bunnies, the area beneath your bed can be used to add extra storage space. From off-season clothing to shoes, you can keep your belongings hidden yet within reach by placing them in storage boxes under your bed.

If your bed is too low to the ground, consider purchasing some inexpensive risers and make the most of the precious real estate.

Use an End-of-Bed Trunk

Whether you prefer a good old-fashioned trunk or a simple bench, adding this piece of furniture to the end of your bed is one of the best ways to maximize storage space while adding a new hangout spot.

Not only will you have created extra space to put your belongings, but benches also add a unique detail to a room that shows your personality and ties the decor together.

Minimize Your Nightstandsmall bedroom with wall shelf night stand

While a nightstand doesn’t take up too much space, choosing the wrong one can make the room feel smaller.

If you don’t want to take up too much floor space, consider installing a floating shelf where your nightstand would usually be. It’ll provide you with enough space to showcase your trinkets or store your books while adding a quirky feature to your room.

Stash Your Dresser in the Closet

A common problem most bedroom closets suffer from is having too much hanging space and nowhere to store folded clothes.

Adding a bulky dresser is often needed to fit all your clothes, though it ends up taking too much space and causes a room to feel cramped. So what better way to maximize your space than stashing storage within the storage.

If your closet is large enough you’ll be able to save valuable floor space by keeping your dresser tucked away.

Your Perfect Place Is Just a Click Away

Less really is more when it comes to creating a sense of calm in limited space. There are a ton of ways you can make your small apartment work for you, all you need is a little creativity and you’re all set.

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