Its safe to say that moving is usually a hassle! With winter comes an additional set of obstacles that you may have to face when settling into your new Ottawa Apartment. Don’t let the threat of snow, ice and cold weather put a damper on this exciting transition by implementing these precautionary measures:

Be Prepared

Preparation is key when moving at any time, especially winter. Firstly, be sure that you have the appropriate clothing and gear to keep yourself warm and dry during the long day. Dress in layers and wear the proper footwear in order to beat the cold and snow. Next, be sure that you have the necessary tools to ensure the safety and accessibility of relevant outdoor areas. These tools include a shovel to clear the walkway, ice-salt to fix slippery patches, and cardboard or tarps to protect the inside of your new apartment from stains, scratches, and water damage– no one wants to have to clean the floors after a long day of moving.

If you are planning on using your car to help quicken the moving process, ensure that it has been effectively serviced and winterized. This will remove a level of stress from your moving day. Finally, don’t forget to stock up on goodies to take care of your movers. This is always good practice to build a good relationship and have a positive moving experience. Ideal winter goodies include hot chocolate or coffee, simple snacks, and extra gloves.

Pack Smart

Another important part of moving is the time and effort that you put into packing. The key for a winter move is to remember the effects that cold weather can have on your items. For example, be sure to handle electronics with extra care – these items are at risk for element related damages. Opt for double packing/insulation as well as packing them last and retrieving them first to keep them away from the cold. Additionally, avoid packing away winter clothing. Keep these items accessible (either in your trunk or the front of the moving truck) in case you find yourself needing extra layers to keep comfortable during your move.

Finally, pay close attention to the placement of cardboard boxes as they can be compromised by the wet ground or falling snow. You can do so by moving boxes directly into the moving truck, laying out tarps for cardboard boxes to be placed on outdoors, and opting for plastic moving bins.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is somewhat necessary for everyday life throughout the winter. Be proactive when planning a winter move by monitoring weather reports. In the event that the forecast looks unsuitable for moving, try contacting your movers and rental truck company to reschedule for a better day. Next, be sure to account for possible delays, resultant from inclement weather. These could include traffic delays, frostbite warnings (requiring you and your movers stay inside), and technical issues with vehicles. Lastly, don’t forget to take breaks! Both you’re your movers will be working hard to get all of your items moved in a timely matter. Don’t let your motivation cloud your need for body breaks. Rest, recharge, and stay hydrated throughout the entire moving process!

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