Do you want to plan the perfect Halloween party in your Ottawa Apartment this year? Don’t let your costume go to waste at another boring bash, be the host of the party of the year with the spookiest setting, ominous entertainment, and tantalizing treats:

Set the Mood

When hosting any party, it important that you set the mood accordingly. For Halloween parties, you’re in luck! With all of the classic decorations and design ideas, it won’t be difficult to turn your apartment into the spookiest place in town. Narrow down your décor ideas and start by choosing a theme for your party. Monster Mash, Autumn Harvest, Haunted House and, Murder Mystery are all interesting and unique examples of themes. Once you’ve picked a theme, its time to make your apartment look the part. Try replacing your normal light bulbs for glowing red bulbs, installing fake cobwebs and tombstones throughout your hone, and scattering plastics bugs and rodents across various surfaces. For more autumnal parties, don’t forget to load up on pumpkins and fake fall foliage!

Ominous Entertainment

In order to keep your guests engaged, ensure that you plan proper entertainment for your party. Keep a spooky setlist playing in the background. Choose songs like Thriller, Monster Mash, Creep, and Ghostbusters to keep your guests dancing all night! For a more low-key evening, install a white sheet as a screen and set up a projector to play your favorite spooky movies. If you do this in a separate room or in the backyard, for instance,  guests can choose to mingle and party or take it easy and enjoy a Halloween flick.

For the more active individuals, offer the option of Halloween games for all. Some crowd favorites include: Don’t Say Halloween, Horror Movie Trivia, Halloween Treasure Hunt, and Spooky Photo Booth. Wrap up your night with a costume contest for all to enter! Choose judges ahead of time who will vote for categories such as Scariest Costume, Best Couple Costume, and Most Thematically Accurate. Prepare fun, themed prizes to be handed out like Treat Bags, Fall Flavored Beverages, Skeleton Trophies, etc.

Tantalizing Treats

Keep your part guests thoroughly satisfied throughout your entire party by offering a selection of Halloween themed bits and bites. For the savory snackers, prepare options like Mummy Dogs (mummy styled pigs in a blanket), Pumpkin Cheese Ball and Crackers, and Spaghetti and Eyeballs.  For your guests with a sweet tooth, set out items including Worms in Dirt, Pumpkin Pie, and Halloween Trail Mix.

Make this year’s Halloween one for the books by embracing all of the fun and excitement that this time of year has to offer!

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