Winter can really be the most wonderful time of the year when spent cozied up in your Ottawa Apartment! Keep reading for the quickest and easiest tips on the best ways to deck the halls this season:


Transitioning your apartment from an autumnal arcadia into a winter wonderland isn’t a difficult feat. One of the quickest ways to make the change is to further deepen the colour scheme of your apartments décor. Adding colours like indigo, plum, and forest green into your rotation will keep the warmth of fall while incorporating the freshness of the winter season. This can be done by simply introducing a series of throw blankets, decorative pillows, and ornaments.


Baking can be the perfect way to warm up your apartment and fill it with deliciously sweet scents. Search the web for creative recipes that let you take advantage of your kitchen space to treat yourself and prepare affordable and meaningful gifts. Baking for the holidays doesn’t have to wait until the week before. Many festive recipes are perfect for preparing and freezing to have on hand when the time comes!


Alter the ambiance of any room by incorporating a variety of light sources strategically throughout the space. Try hanging fairy lights around the ceiling, scattering candles and tea lights across various surfaces, and lighting your fireplace to cast a warm glow and toasty heat around any room. There is nothing better, after all than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and a good book by the light of a fire.


Often times, apartments can be difficult to keep warm, as the temperature is often regulated by the landlords or superintendents. In order to keep your unit as comfortable as possible, combine these hack to decrease drafts and increase insulation. Place draft stoppers at the base of door frames and windows to stop any unwanted air from entering your apartment. You can also try reversing your ceiling fan to force any warm air near the ceiling into the lower portion of your rooms. Finally, be sure to stock your house full of throw blankets and spare slippers for you and your guests.


Once the décor, lighting, and atmosphere of your apartment are fulfilling your desire for coziness and comfort, take advantage of your space! Be prepared for any situation with games, movies, crafts, and books to entertain yourself and any company that you may have on the snowiest of days.

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