Keep calm and craft-on this spring! Give your apartment a mini-makeover by trying some DIYs that will bring life and purpose into everyday items.

Whip Up a Wreath

This spring, give your front door the adornment it deserves by creating a custom wreath to hang in your entryway. This is an inexpensive, versatile, and simple way to decorate your front door. When designing a wreath, the possibilities are endless. Opt for all-natural – breathe life into your entryway by using flowers, moss, or foliage entwined around a wooden base. Alternatively, you can choose to repurpose household items, such as rain boots, umbrellas, or cupcake liners (in conjunction with some fresh cut flowers, of course) to make creative and unique spring themed wreaths.

Build a Bird House

This classic springtime DIY is reasonably priced and fun to do. Purchase a base at your local craft store or download a free blueprint online and start from scratch. Use brightly coloured paint and unused household items (such as buttons and fabric) to make your birdhouse as beautiful as it is environmentally beneficial. Also, opt for flowers or an old license plate to spruce up the roof of the birdhouse.

Repurpose Alcohol Bottles

Seeing as springtime often brings with it barbecues, get-togethers and late nights out, chances are you have some empty alcohol bottles lying around. Don’t let them go to waste! Old alcohol bottles can be both trendy and functional when adapted into vases, candle holders, soap dispensers and picture frames.

Make Use of Mason Jars

Mason Jars are a staple, something that everyone has in their apartment. Why not transform them into something special? Turn plain mason jars into personalized drinking glasses by using a stencil and some glass-safe paint.  Have a fun night in baking mini pies, muffins or buns in quarter pint mason jars. Put a trendy spin on your plant storage by using mason jars as vases for flowers or as terrariums for succulents. You can also reduce your at-home waste by eliminating single-use plastic soap dispensers and using a refillable mason jar in your kitchen or bathroom. Simply fasten a pump to the jar and fill it with your favourite soap.

DIY Doormat

Welcome guests into your apartment with an individualized doormat. This serves not only as protection for your foyer’s floor but as a classic way to decorate your entryway.  Choose from a variety of materials such as wood, woven rope or upcycled household items (like plastic bags or garden hoses) to compliment your décor. You can also use a stencil to monogram or illustrate your doormat. Find instructions by simply searching DIY Doormat online.

Don’t stress about decorating your apartment for the upcoming weather. Use these ideas to help you create an apartment that makes every day feel like a breath of fresh air.

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