As spring begins to settle in, we feel the need to refresh and reorganize our homes. You don’t need an entire home makeover to transform your Ottawa Apartment from dreary to cheery. Take a look at these tips to get your apartment ready for spring:

Add Color

Implementing colourful décor is an easy way to update for spring. Eye-catching vases, lighting fixtures, picture frames, and books instantly brighten any coffee table, shelf or countertop. Additionally, painting your walls can completely alter the atmosphere of a room. Choose a springtime colour, that you enjoy, and spend the afternoon painting.

Bonus Tip: Avoid conflict, check with your landlords before painting your apartment’s walls.

Treat Windows

Sometimes all you need to transform a room from winter to spring is fresh window décor. Changing your current window furnishings can be an easy way to reflect the light, airy feel that accompanies the transition into warmer weather. Swap thick, dark curtains with lighter fabrics to open up small rooms and make them appear larger. This can also help you to let in the sunlight and fresh air that has been eagerly awaited. Opt for subtle patterns such as floral or stripped in light colours and choose fabrics such as linen or lace for a simple yet breezy look.

Refresh Pillows

Breathe new life into any room by simply switching out your throw pillows. Give your home regular updates by having various pillows for various seasons, alternating them as you would with clothing. Fabrics such as velvet and silk are beautiful but they can feel a bit heavy for the spring months. New fabrics and colours can give your space a totally different feel, choose bright coloured cotton or linen covered throws to compliment your décor and lighten things up.

Use Plants

Freshen up your apartment by placing a variety of plants throughout your home. Choose big leaved plants (such as banana leaves and papyrus) to make a statement while being easy and low-maintenance. If you want a pop of colour go with orchids, zebra plants or hibiscus plants. This is a simple and inexpensive way to add life and fresh air and to your apartment.

Bonus Tip: Extend the lives of your plants by keeping a consistent care schedule and placing them strategically throughout your home.

Update Bedding

Everyone can appreciate flannel sheets and a heavy duvet during the winter months. However, come spring, lighten up your bedroom by choosing a new duvet and sheets to keep you sleeping through the night. The fibers in linen sheets are hollow, allowing air and moisture to move throughout. Compliment the feel by choosing accent sheets to keep your bedroom looking its best. This easy fix brings colour to your room and can keep you waking up ready to spring into action.

Spring forward into the upcoming months with an apartment that feels brand new. Use these simple yet effective tips to make humdrum homes a thing of the past.

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