Everyone wants their apartment to be bright and open. With the help of a few simple tricks, you don’t have to live in the dark anymore. Try these tips to flip the switch on good lighting in your Ottawa Apartment!


Regulate light intensity, mood, and brightness by replacing all light switches with dimmers. Instead of setting your lights to maximum brightness, keep your dimmer switch at a medium default. You will become used to that level of light then, when you need more brightness, turn it up to full volume for complete illumination.

Focal Point Fixtures

Use large, statement fixtures to draw attention to a certain spot in the room. Install them high-up to add dimension and make the room look larger than it really is.

Bonus Tip: Candles are a versatile option for attracting focus, creating ambiance and setting the mood.

Accent Lighting

Following the three-layers-of-light guideline (ambient, accent, and task lighting) can be helpful in brightening a dark space. Point various lights towards important focal elements in the room. You can also use recessed spotlights to create the impression of more height and space in the room.


Don’t trap light that could be shining throughout your apartment; avoid metal pendant styles, colorful sculpture designs, and matte shades. Opt for clear glass, large shades or bare bulbs.

Bonus Tip: Coloured shades can tint the light to complement your space and create a specific atmosphere.

Light Corners

Generally the darkest spot in the room, corners tend to gather shadows. Take advantage of your space and convert corners in your apartment into well-lit areas to make rooms appear larger and cleaner.


Use mirrors to amplify light and project it into poorly like spaces. Bounce light off of mirrors and metallic to create the illusion of depth and brightness in any room.

Bonus Tip: Engage your inner interior decorator by choosing unique, statement mirrors to add to the décor of any room. Try a long horizontal mirror, a circular mirror or a textured mirror.

Making small changes in lighting could transform your apartment’s atmosphere from dark and gloomy to warm and welcoming. Bid your lighting struggles adieu by trying out some of these tips.

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