Your Ottawa Apartment is your sanctuary, your own private space where you get the freedom to express yourself, but getting that fancy designer decor that “truly” represents you can be pricey. Just because you may be limited in funds, does not mean you’re limited in creativity or personality. Here are some thrifty ways to get your space looking exactly how you want it:

Corkscrew Chic

Next time you’re drinking a bottle of Ottawa’s finest wine (or the wine your budget allows), keep the corkscrews! Once your collection grows enough, fill a vase with all of them.

Bonus Tip: If you come across a unique or elegant bottle, put it on display with some flowers!

Ladder Décor

If you haven’t been on Pinterest recently, you might not have seen the coolest new trend of repurposing an old ladder as a shelf! It’s easy and very a-la-mode for any student on a budget.

Make Your Wall A Canvas

By using blackboard paint, you can transform a section of your wall into your own chalkboard! This also makes for an easy way to remember tasks or appointments, or to just get inspired.

Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

Try hanging mirrors on your wall instead of art! Not only are they cheaper, but they reflect light and make your space look bigger. And of course, you get to see a masterpiece every time you see your reflection…

Dare to Doorknob

Don’t get stuck with boring door knobs. Change up the hardware on cupboards, dressers or doors to reflect your style on the cheap.

Vintage Frames

Repurpose old picture frames (check out your local thrift store!) and hang your pictures up. You can also paint them with a bright colour to add some extra punch.

Use a Puzzle

Find a puzzle with an image you love, and super glue it down on a board! You can hang it or lean it on a shelf, and the cool texture gives a quirky look.

Don’t let bare walls define you! Use these thrifty design tips to express yourself by decorating your apartment. And while you may not be featured in any design magazines YET, you’ll be well on your way!

Happy decorating, Ottawa!

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