Moving out for post-secondary school? Congratulations, you’ve finally made it to FREEDOM! But not so fast… while living on your own does have its perks, it can also cost you a pretty penny, too. Managing your money and learning to cook for yourself can be tough. While Migos may make eating instant noodle seem “bad and boujee,” it’s not as fun as you might think. There are many changes coming your way, and unless you’re prepared, instant noodles could become your only meal.  If you want smooth sailing for life on your own, read the Ottawa Apartment survival guide below.

Survival Tip 1: Make a Budget

Write down what you expect to spend on everything per month (with a little wiggle room just in case!). You might think you’re great at managing money, but the end of the month comes quicker than you expect, and when you’re not used to fending for yourself, expenses can rack up quickly.

Survival Tip 2: Become a Gourmet Chef

Okay, so maybe we were kidding about the “gourmet” part. But it is important to learn how to cook and pack lunches. Nothing drains the pocket more than buying an avocado toast for lunch, and while it is delicious, you can pack the same lunch for half the price!

Cooking is a great money saver, and if you’re stumped on how to start, the Net has tons of easy recipes (Youtube even has step-by-step guides if you need a little more help – it’s okay, we all start somewhere!).

Survival Tip 3: Be Your Own Cleaner

Without the support – or nagging — from your parents, you may not naturally be inclined to tidy up in your spare time. But trust us, this is essential for living on your own (you never know when you’ll get a surprise visitor or impromptu get-together).

Set a manageable cleaning schedule. Life gets busy, and when you’re caught up it’s easy to forget the little things.

 Survival Tip 4: Don’t Be A Victim of Freshman 15

Eating home-cooked meals is one luxury you’ll start to miss – especially when all the new junk food catches up to you! Try to remember to include some healthier options.

 Survival Tip 5: Be Friends of Your Neighbours

If you’re nice to your neighbours, chances are they’ll be nice back! And having someone watch your back is especially handy when living on your own. Whether it’s borrowing some milk for your morning cereal or keeping an eye on your place, having a friend by your side is always comforting.

Survival Tip 6: Ask for Help

While you may want to be mature and capable, there’s nothing wrong asking for help when you need it! Nobody’s perfect, use your support systems to your advantage.

So there you have it newbies, our one-stop shop to learning how to survive living on your own. In starting this new chapter of your life things may seem to get out of control, but just take a deep breath and don’t forget you can always ask for help. Enjoy the freedom – it’s an exciting time in your life so take full advantage!

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