You’ve packed the entire contents of your room and you’re all ready to move into your first ever apartment! Not so fast, you need more than just your bed, some clothes and a dish set for a successful move-in day. Check out our 5 essential items you might not have thought to pack (or buy!) below:


1. Toolkit

You might think that the Allen key that came with your IKEA bookshelf is enough to get you through, but you’ll definitely need some basic supplies to put together the rest of your furniture, including your decorations. Make sure you include a hammer, screwdriver, nails and wall hooks.

2. Shower curtain

Nobody wants to finish a long, sweaty day of moving only to realize they don’t have a shower curtain (or rings to hang it with!). This may seem like an obvious purchase, but definitely not one you want to forget. You should probably pick up a bath mat and some towels too!

3. Toilet paper

Possibly the first thing you’ll ever need in your new apartment and yet somehow still easily forgotten when you’re used to grabbing a new roll from the closet at home. Don’t be that person who has to use pizza napkins on their first night in their new place…

4. First aid kit

Moving can be tough and sometimes accidents happen. Scraped your knee on the stairs? Be prepared with some first aid basics including bandages, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment and anti-inflammatory pills! 

5. Cleaning supplies

Your apartment should already be clean when you move in… but we highly recommend giving everything a fresh scrub just to be sure! You should include a broom, mop and bucket, multi-surface cleaner, toilet brush and cleaner, dish soap and sponge, garbage bags and cans, laundry detergent and hand soap. Feel free to add a vacuum if you have carpets!


This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll need to make your apartment feel like home, but with these 5 apartment essentials you’ll be well on your way to a clean and comfortable start in your brand new place. Good luck with your move!