Summer is in full swing in Ottawa and we couldn’t be more excited to soak up all the rays and Vitamin D. Finding time to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine can be difficult with a busy schedule but luckily you have an escape just outside your living room; your balcony. Here are some tips to turn your balcony into a sweet slice of heaven!


Affordable Flooring

Concrete flooring can often make a space cold and uninviting. Try laying out some interlocking deck tiles that are easy to install and easy to remove. You can even find fast drying deck rugs that’ll be soft on your feet and easy on your bank account.

Add some leafy friends!

Greenery will make any space feel more welcoming and will add scenery to your morning coffee or after work unwinding session. Ottawa has plenty of knowledgeable local shops that can get you set up with plants that’ll thrive in your lighting conditions. Flowers Talk Tivoli, Plant & Curio and Blumen Studio can help you with all your planting needs and questions.

Compact Furniture

Tight on square footage? Don’t take up more space than you need to! Try incorporating stackable or foldable furniture that you can break out when needed, but won’t clutter your space when you’re not hosting. 


Invest in some fabrics and protective materials that will keep you from having to repurchase new furniture every year. Furniture made of teak, cedar or redwood is naturally rot-resistant. Synthetic wicker is typically made to be weatherproof. Make sure you have somewhere to store your cushions to keep mould from developing if it rains.