Fall is coming and with it comes new friends, new guests, and new first impressions. Ensure that your Ottawa Apartment is prepped and ready to make the best one possible by following these foyer design tips:

Welcoming Doormats

You can welcome guests into your home with an individualized doormat that can serve both as protection from the elements and additional décor.  Choose from a variety of materials such as wood, woven rope or upcycled household items (like plastic bags or garden hoses) to complement your taste. Rotating your doormat seasonally can be beneficial as some season require stronger floor protection than others – fall in particular can prove damaging to your floors as we often wind up trekking in water and dirt. For an extra touch of festiveness choose a coir doormat embossed with a friendly saying or appropriate image.

Seasonal Wall Décor

Make the most of a small foyer space by taking full advantage of available wall surfaces. This is an effective way to bring fall coziness into your foyer and to invite the new season inside without taking up any open floor space. Hang photos or paintings to add a touch of artistry to this often undervalued area of your home. If you hope to make the space appear larger, opt for a mirror. Never lose your keys again by choosing a set of wall-mounted key hooks. This can also be used for sunglasses, hats or other small items.

Colorful Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore! Give your front door the attention that it deserves by hanging a decorative wreath for all passers-by to see. This is a simple yet versatile way to enhance the appearance of your entryway. The possibilities are endless when selecting the perfect wreath for your home. Bring autumn into your foyer with an all-natural wreath made of leaves, twigs, ribbon, and other fall-related items.

Space Saving Benches

With the end of summer quickly approaching, it will soon be time to take out rain boots, backpacks, coats and other outdoor accessories. Just because these items are coming out of storage, doesn’t mean that they have to be left lying around in your entryway. Why not deploy a secret weapon against clutter – a storage bench. The perfect storage solutions, a storage bench will keep your foyer organized and tidy while serving as additional seating for yourself and your children as you get ready to head out for the day. TO give your storage bench a seasonally appropriate makeover, adorn it with fall colored throw pillows – this will not only add to the spaces aesthetic but also to the comfort of the bench.

The key to an enjoyable foyer is functionality and simplicity. Renew your homes vitality by focusing on keeping your entryway up to date in the upcoming months.

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