Make the most of every square foot of your Ottawa Apartment – even the outdoor space! Use these tips to transform your balcony today into your friends’ new favourite hangout:

Find the Right Furniture

The main feature of any well-designed space is the furniture that occupies it. When furnishing your patio, keep in mind that any items that you choose may be exposed to harmful elements. To prevent damage and necessary replacement, opt for furniture made of weather friendly materials like lightweight metal, wicker or plastic. This will save you money and time that it would require to replace damaged pieces.

In order to maximize your budget, shop for your patio furniture at the end of July and August, as fall approaches. During these later months, stores tend to offer reduced prices on the previous season’s styles. Yard sales and thrift stores can also offer unique, vintage pieces that could be affordable statement pieces on your patio.

Get the Perfect Hangout

Patios can make the perfect place to hang out with friends, spend time with family or relax on your own. Get privacy and shade to your balcony with the help of patio umbrellas or outdoor curtains. This can allow you to host people at your apartment without having to worry about nosy neighbours or other people watching you go about your business.

Another great option for privacy, that also serves as a space saver on your balcony is implementing a vertical garden or shrub fence. This will allow you to test out your green thumb while also keeping your apartment concealed from the public.

Choose the Best Lighting

When setting up your balcony to be the perfect relaxation area, you want to make sure you choose the most outdoor appropriate, ambient and energy efficient lighting possible. Real candlelight is classic, but the convenience and safety of programmable battery-operated LED candles are hard to resist – they offer a similar yet more reliable experience.

Solar powered lights are another excellent option for lighting your balcony. These are an excellent option to save electricity while still being able to choose from a wide variety of styles. Be sure that you’re balcony faces enough sunlight to power your fixtures. A final, trendy option is fastening string lights around your balcony. These will give soft lighting and add to the aesthetic of your balcony.

Don’t let limited space or intrusive neighbours take away from your enjoyment of your apartment’s balcony. Let the right furniture, proper privacy, and perfect lighting revamp your space this summer!

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