Taking a day trip to Ottawa offers a large variety of activities to do and sights to see. The capital city of Canada is famous for its unique combination of beauty, culture and history, and should not be missed by tourists or anyone in nearby cities.

Hence the team at Ottawa Apartments would like you to know what is available for you during a day trip in Ottawa.

Visit Parliament Hill

In the heart of the city, Parliament Hill represents a significant part of Canadian history and stands as a symbol of democracy. A day trip to Ottawa that goes through Parliament Hill will be memorable as you take in the sights of Canada’s heart.Day Trip to Ottawa Parliament Hill

A guided tour will take you through the Peace Tower, the tallest building on Parliament Hill with a great view of the city. Then, the tour visits the House of Commons, where Canada’s elected representatives debate and shape the policy that governs the lives of all Canadians.

In the months of summer, Parliament Hill hosts activities such as the Sound and Light Show, which tells Canadian history, and the Changing of the Guard ceremony. Additionally, the parliamentary gardens and Centennial Flame are great spots to visit.


Pay Your Respects At The National War Memorial

Another important thing to do in Ottawa is honouring those who served in the armed forces.

First unveiled in 1939, the National War Memorial serves as a symbol of remembrance in Confederation Square. Easily accessible to pedestrians or those using public transportation, the memorial comprises a large archway made of granite with sculptures of sailors, soldiers, and airmen made of bronze. An inscription that reads “In Service Of Canada” is located at the memorial’s base

The National War Memorial often hosts ceremonies and events, especially on Remembrance Day. Visitors usually come to reflect and pay their respects and often leave flowers or similar objects.


See The Fairmont Château Laurier

If you want to experience the trappings of the gothic stylings reminiscent of ages past during your day trip, then Ottawa has the chateau for you.

Built between 1909 and 1912, the Fairmont Château Laurier was built in the style of the Gothic Revival Châteauesque to be a hotel, a function it still serves to this day. Its style is so iconic that the Hotel du Canada in Epcot (Disney World) was designed on the basis of this château.

Treat yourself to a drink or a bite in the Chateau’s restaurant, Zoe’S, for a world-class dining experience that you won’t forget!


Tour The National Gallery

Your day trip to Ottawa can also take you through one of Ottawa’s great attractions.

Established in 1880, the National Gallery of Canada is the country’s premier art museum. It features permanent exhibits and rotating exhibitions, both of modern and historical varieties. Its collections go as far back as the earliest civilizations and up to the modern era.

The National Gallery holds a large variety of artwork like photographs, prints, sculptures, paintings, and drawings. Canadian artists like Tom Thomson and Emily Carr are featured in the museum alongside European icons like Van Gogh, Monet, and Rembrandt.


Experience the Rideau Canal

Day Trip to Ottawa Rideau CanalOriginally built as a military defence system in the 19th century, the Rideau Canal is now one of the best tourist attractions in Ottawa. It is used for activities such as fishing and boating in the summer. In wintertime, the canal becomes a naturally occurring skating rink.

Touring companies offer boat rides which are a great way to see the sights of the canal and learn about the Rideau Canal too. Alternatively, pathways for walking and biking can be found along the canal for those looking for a stroll or a picnic.


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A day trip to Ottawa can offer something for everyone, no matter where your interests lie. Outdoor activities, historical activities, cultural activities and more can be found in Ottawa, making a day trip full of infinite possibilities.

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