Kitchen space in an apartment is usually small and inconvenient. It is an unfortunate necessity of affordable housing but the needs of the tenant can prove too big for the space afforded by the kitchen. To mitigate this, it is essential to maximize the space available with some innovative and creative ideas.

The Ottawa Apartment team would like to provide you with some kitchen organization tips to help you make use of all the space your kitchen affords you.


Clean Up

It might be surprising to consider but junk always takes up a lot of space and it might be hiding in plain sight. So a great first step is to gather all the garbage, including any food that is beyond its expiration date, and throw it out. Getting rid of the things you definitely don’t need will create a lot of space in your kitchen that you can use.


Organize And Minimize Your Utensils

Sorting out your utensils and other kitchen gadgets is another useful kitchen organization tip. A tray to store your cooking utensils helps you organize and separate the various utensils you use and keeps them from becoming obstacles. Also, if possible, reducing the number of tools you have in your kitchen can also help you maximize your available space. Items that only have a single use, like an apple corer or an avocado slicer, are not necessary if you have a sharp knife.


Simplify Your Packaging

Food items like cereal or granola come in bulky boxes or bags filled with air that won’t always fit in your available space. As such, another kitchen organization tip is to decant these items into jars and bins. Using these clear and stackable containers will allow you to maximize the space in your kitchen. It also helps if you make sure to try to reduce the number of party-filled containers in your cabinets. Decanting the contents periodically to keep the containers filled and the numbers low will help you keep your kitchen space clear.


Use Shelves And Racks


A crucial part of kitchen apartment organization is making use of the vertical space in your kitchen. With shelves and racks, you can store your pans, dishes, and cookbooks, if necessary. Be sure to reduce unused space on your shelves by adding some more partitions at the right height for your dishes. Getting inventive with the placement of the shelves and racks will also help when space is sparse. The sides of your cabinets or your refrigerator can be a great but unexpected place to create more storage in your kitchen.


Ottawa Apartments – Your Ottawa Apartment Guide

Following the above kitchen storage tips can provide you with efficient use of kitchen space where everything you need is within easy reach. This way, even a small kitchen can store as much as you need.


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