iving in a rental comes with its own set of challenges.  And one of the most common complaints that renters have is lack of storage space.  But with a little creative thinking, storage issues can be solved in unexpected and stylish ways.   I pride myself on the fact that I can create storage out of just about anything.  Today I’m going to share a few easy ideas with you.


Go vertical.  Using wall space for storage is a great way to combat a lack of square footage.   Compact bookshelves can help create storage while offering visual appeal.  Try using more than one bookshelf to create a wall unit that has the look of built-in furniture.

Hide storage inside design elements.  The “x” detail on this daybed hides deep storage drawers that can hold everything from blankets and beddings to board games.  You can create a similar storage idea by adding deep baskets under benches or tables.

Use unexpected items for creative storage.  Antlers are a popular design element right now and here’s a unique way to use them.  Try hanging necklaces from the antlers for jewelry storage that is both interesting and practical.

Furniture or décor that does double duty is a perfect way to create storage in spaces that are small or simply lacking in storage options.  By using everyday objects in unexpected ways, you can make your space functional and fun at the same time.  Try thinking outside the box and you’re sure to come up with dozens of ideas that will fit the bill perfectly and that can move with  you from one space to the next!