Hosting a holiday party is a great way to show your appreciation for those you love, but it can also break the bank. Have you seen how much cheese costs these days?! Budget-conscious doesn’t have to mean boring though. See our 5 tips below on hosting a festive but frugal fête!

  1. Use pantry staples for your main to cut costs
    Who doesn’t love a hot stew or chili on a cold night? A homemade spaghetti sauce with some dried pasta would also work really well here! You can feed a lot of people without breaking the bank and pantry meals come together relatively quickly with just a few pantry staples. Bonus points if you can just throw in the slow cooker, freeing you up to concentrate on the rest of the party.
  2. Make it a potluck
    The classic money-saving party tip! Have your guests each bring something to lessen the load. You can make it a themed night, ex. everyone brings a component for tacos, assign dishes to different guests, or let them surprise you and bring whatever they want! Just make sure you end up with some variety and not five desserts and no appetizers…
  3. Curate your guest list
    Your instinct might be to invite everyone on your friend list, but try to keep it to the people who really bring you joy. Consider the number of people who can fit comfortably in your space, the cost of food for that number of people and if everyone you plan to invite will get along well together. Celebrate the season with those you (actually) love!
  4. DIY the decorations
    Everyone wants to have an Insta-worthy party, but those elaborate centrepieces and name cards can add up. Try to decorate with pieces you already have or with simple crafts you’ve created yourself. Simple is key here, you can spend just as much on craft supplies (or more!) than buying something if you’re not careful.
  5. Serve only one signature cocktail
    Fact: alcohol is expensive. Cut costs by offering your guests one seasonal cocktail option rather than a whole bar cart of variety. We recommend something slow-cooker mulled wine or hard cider for that festive feel. Or don’t serve any alcohol at all and just have it BYOB!