How often did you entertain in 2017? With all of the energy that you put into making your Ottawa Apartment a home, wouldn’t you love to share it? Here are some important tips for channeling your inner Martha Stewart and being the best host possible in 2018:

Tidy Up

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, keeping your apartment clean and tidy is one of the best ways to be prepared for company. Why leave yourself stressed and frantic about cleaning for your game night? Maintaining organization in your home will allow you to focus on the fun parts of planning a get together (like the drink menu or karaoke playlists).

Keep the Air Clean

A fresh smelling house is essential in making your company feel comfortable and relaxed. Use bright scented candles, fresh flowers, and potted plants to open up any space and let everyone breathe freely.

Strategically Arrange Your Furniture

Maybe the most important aspect of entertaining is creating an atmosphere where your friends and family are able to socialize and spend time together. This can be hard to do when the room is laid out improperly. Ensure that your chairs and sofas are around the same height so that people can talk eye-to-eye and arrange them so that they are facing each other.

Refresh the Bathrooms

The bathroom is a haven where people escape during a dinner party to freshen up and take a moment to themselves. Make sure that your bathroom is clean and tidy by wiping down all surfaces and organizing any items that you may have lying around. Also make sure that it is stocked with all of the essentials that your company may need – toilet paper, soap, air fresheners, hygiene products, hand towels, etc.

Never a Dull Moment

Keep your guests entertained with a fully stocked board game shelf, a repertoire of party activities and an energetic playlist. It can also be a good idea to mix up your guest list, introduce your guests to one another and let them get to know each other.

Fed Guest, Happy Guest

The center of any great party is often the food. Stick to a menu that reflects a certain theme or consists of dishes that you are familiar with, to allow for easy preparation. It can be helpful to serve various no-cook dishes throughout the evening that are easy to replenish. Place snacks throughout your entire apartment to avoid crowding and to allow guests to circulate and socialize all night.

Follow these tips and you will impress your guests so much that they won’t be able to wait for another invite. While they wait for theirs, we will be waiting for ours!

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