Halloween is one of our favourite holidays – with free candy, costumes and parties, you can’t go wrong! With midterm season and reading week upon us, it can also be a bit of a struggle. If you’ve spent more than your fair share on Homecoming and late-night coffee runs, leaving your wallet empty – don’t worry! Ottawa Apartment has some amazing last-minute Halloween costume ideas for $30 or less.

The Flower Filter

Yes, we all (secretly) love this SnapChat filter, but did you know it could be a costume too? Run to the dollar store to grab yourself some faux flowers and a headband. Attach the flowers to the headband using a hot glue gun. Put your new crown on your head and watch yourself suddenly transform into one of the most used filters!


If you’re a budding makeup artist (or feel like experimenting with a Youtube video), this costume is for you. Pick out a glamorous black outfit, grab some white and black face paint, and start painting! You can also cut a black shirt to be skelton-esque following this tutorial.

The Infamous Cat

This is a legendary costume because it’s so easy! Get dressed up in your nicest black outfit, grab some cat ears and a tail, use a touch of eyeliner for some whiskers and voilà – you are the world’s best cat.  This costume is applicable to any animal – just switch up the ears!

The Cowboy/Cowgirl

If you’re from Canada, you probably have a plaid in your closet, and if you don’t, one of your friends should! So, find a cowboy hat and some boots (check your local thrift store or costume store) and combine it with your favourite pair of jeans – and you’ve got it! The perfect, last minute cowboy/cowgirl costume.

Raining Men

Hallelujah, it’s an easy, funny costume you can make in minutes! Get your rain gear together (rubber boots and all), including an umbrella with printed out images of your favourite male characters attached by a string. This will be sure to get a few laughs – and hey, if it starts raining, you’re in the clear!

This Halloween, partake in the festivities while sticking to your budget – no need to break the bank for one night a year. Have fun this Halloween in these thrifty, easy DIY costumes!

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